All-In-One Online Secure Payments Solutions

Consumer purchase behaviour has changed significantly in the last year, and the opportunity for merchants to capitalise through online payments has never been greater.

Linkly offer a suite of quick and simple ways of bringing your business online securely with a suite of solutions that are right for businesses of any size. Whether you’re just about to start accepting payments online or looking for better online products - our award-winning solutions have got it all.

Seamless Payments

Provide frictionless payment experiences with simple-to-use solutions that are also easy for you to manage.

Increase Revenue

Start selling, earning and growing your business with more ways to pay online. Attract consumers and convert more sales, by allowing them to pay how they want, when they want.

Our Payment Request solution helps you get paid faster by sending SMS and email reminders with ‘Pay Now’ links. Set up an online store in minutes with Ezy Checkout and start accepting payments instantly. Store card data securely so consumers can make recurring payments and additional purchases on your Payment Page in a single click.

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Offer Flexibility

Give your consumers the flexibility they deserve. We support multiple card schemes, digital wallets and currencies. You can offer one-off, instalment or subscription options and allow them to pay using their preferred device.

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Manage Efficiently

The Linkly Online portal allows you to easily manage transaction data and reconciliation all in one place. You can also automatically store and organise customer data and payment history, send invoices, sort receipts, perform refunds and develop reports with ease.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Our ready-to-use solutions allow you to begin accepting payments online with little to no programming. Start processing payments in minutes, whether through a simple payment page, invoicing or via an online store..

If you want to create your own unique payment experience, Linkly also has developer libraries in multiple programming languages and a library of plugins for major shopping carts, event solutions and e-Commerce platforms.

Payment Page
Ezy Checkout
Payment Request

Billing, Invoicing, Subscription

Develop brand loyalty and establish long-term revenue. From one-off payments to high-volume subscriptions, we help optimise your collections with smart billing rules, reminders, automatic debits and payment plan management tools.

Get Paid On Time

Encourage consumers to pay on time by offering incentives such as early payment discounts and late payments fees using our Smart Billing solution. They can also keep track of past, upcoming and overdue payments through a simple bill presentment portal.

Send Timely Notifications

Help consumers stay on top of their bills using our Messaging solution which sends customised invoices for upcoming payments, overdue notices for missed or failed payments, and requests to update expiring cards.

Increase and Retain Subscribers

Improve your sign up rate and minimise churn by improving customer experience for your recurring payments. Our Subscription Manager solution allows consumers to sign up for subscriptions quickly and set up flexible payment schedules with automatic debits. Reduce negative customer experiences due to failed payments by using automatic decline retries and proactive card expiry management.

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Smart Billing
Subcription Manager

Fraud Prevention

Safeguard your business and protect your consumers by using additional security features, such as, blocking fraudulent payments and 3D Secure (card holder authentication).

Accept payments securely

Capture, transmit and store card details within our PCI DSS compliant environment, ensuring that sensitive card data is completely eliminated from your systems and processes. Our Tokenisation solution allows you to process payments using “tokens” instead of the actual card data.

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Reduce chargebacks and losses

Minimise the liability of fraud by implementing safety measures like 3D Secure to authenticate your customers’ identities. With 3D Secure, the customer’s bank verifies the customer’s identity, which may provide you with a liability shift for fraud related chargebacks.

Affordable and accessible protection

Achieve PCI DSS level 1 compliance and fraud protection at a much lower cost than doing it on your own. Allow Linkly’s market-leading solutions to take payments confidently and securely, so you can focus on growing your business.

Fraud Layer 1
Fraud Layer 2

API Tools

Build your own payment experiences with the Linkly Online API (part of our MerchantSuite platform).

Website Development / Mobile Applications

Whether you want to use our ready off-the-shelf hosted checkout UI or build your own custom payment flow, the Linkly Online API allows you to integrate with our payment gateway however you want, while our latest security innovations alleviate security concerns brought about by PCI DSS requirements.

Whether it’s for a website or a mobile app (or both), Linkly has got you covered.

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Shopping Cart Plugins

Easily connect our payment gateway with popular eCommerce platforms


Pricing Plans

Our pricing plans all include free activities, meaning you only pay an annual fee with no other payments for the rest of the year.

If business is booming and you need more activities, we will not charge you expensive upgrades or top-ups - you can just keep using your service as is and pay the additional activity fee.

Check out our ‘Save as you Grow’ rates, which lets you save on activity fees while your business is growing.

Use Linkly Online’s payment option features - part of our MerchantSuite platform - to get linked up with our supported banks.

Compare Linkly Online Packages


For businesses getting started online. Take payments on the go or allow your customers to pay you online.For small businesses growing online sales. Get all the products in the Bronze package with extra activities included.For businesses who want to offer multiple payment options. Have the flexibility to create your own customer experience.For large businesses who process a high volume of payments. Automatically save as your business grows.
Annual Fee$60$120$500$1000

Free Activities Per Annum 100  300  1,750 4,000 
Extra Activity Fee $0.60  $0.40  $0.35  Save As You Grow* 
Users 5  20  100 Unlimited 
Customers 1,000  5,000  Unlimited Unlimited 
Data Archive 18 Months  18 Months  18 Months 18 Months 
Ezy Checkout Shops 0  1  3 5 
Products Per Ezy Checkout Shop 0  1,000  5,000 Unlimited 
Included Solutions View All Solutions »
Payment Terminal
Secure Card Drive
Batch File
Payment Page
Ezy Checkout
Secure Forms
Smart Billing
Search Payments
Payment Reason
Payment Request
Fraud Basic
Free Online Help
Email Support
*Save as you grow pricing

The Platinum Plan provides you with discounts as your business grows. The more you transact, the lower your activity fee.

Annual Activity Volume TierRate
1 to 4,000$0.25
4,001 to 50,000$0.23
51,000 to 100,000$0.20

Savings per year compared to the Gold Package
Over $5,000
Over $13,000

All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.

Do you currently process over 100,000 payments per annum? Please send through a custom pricing request .

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This depends on your banking arrangements. If your Acquirer is the same bank where you have your bank account, then you would be paid for your transactions the following day. Linkly does not delay settlement. A transaction typically takes 2-5 seconds to process, depending on Internet connection.

No, Linkly provides off-the-shelf solutions that do not require an integration or technical implementation. An API is available for merchants looking to automate and integrate Linkly to their environment

You can start taking payments instantly as soon as you sign up.

We provide payment services for following cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Diners Club

We can also process bank account payments.

We provide simple and easy pricing structures on our pricing page.

Linkly works with all the major Australian banks.

A settlement report is available from the MySuite Portal the next morning. The total amount reported is the amount that will be settled to your settlement account.

Linkly provides payment solutions to over 35,000 business of all sizes across all industries. The range and flexibility of the Linkly platform allows us to provide a complete solution to any business from small online retailers all way through to Government and Enterprise businesses.

This depends on your banking arrangements. If your Acquirer is the same bank where you have your bank account, then you would be paid for your transactions the following day. Linkly does not delay settlement. A transaction typically takes 2-5 seconds to process, depending on Internet connection.

An activity is a payment processed, SMS sent or Secure Form submission using your Linkly products. All of our plans include free activities.

CVN stands for card verification number. On a Mastercard, Visa or Diners card, the CVN is the 3 digits found on the back of the card. For American Express cards, the CVN is the 4 digits found on the front of the card.

Yes, Payment Terminal supports CVN. Validating the CVN is recommended to reduce the number of fraudulent transactions. Other industry terms for CVN are CVC, CVC2.

Yes, simply enable Payment Terminal receipt emails in Messaging and enter the email address as part of your Payment Terminal processing.

Transactions typically take 2-5 seconds to process. Speeds may vary depending on your internet connection.

A settlement report is available from the MySuite Portal the next morning. The total amount reported is the amount that will be settled to your settlement account.

Settlement is performed by your bank and/or your Charge Card Company. Linkly does not delay settlement.

The MySuite Portal provides the ability to search for the original payment and refund it. As the refund is matched to the original payment, you do not need the full card details to perform the refund.

Yes, partial refunds are supported.

Yes, CVN is a required field for when a card holder makes a payment on the Linkly Payment Page.

Yes, simply enable Payment Page receipt emails in Messaging and if your customer enters their email address, the receipt will be emailed to them.

Transactions typically take 2-5 seconds to process. Speeds may vary depending on your internet connection.

All transactions process through your Linkly service will be immediately visible in the MySuite Portal. Simply login and navigate to Search Payments to view and search for your transactions.

Yes, simply enable Batch File receipt emails in Messaging and a payment receipt will be emailed to your customer if you include the email address within the batch file.

Extra activity fees are only applied when you have used up all of your free activities and process more e.g. your business is on the Bronze plan and uses the Secure Batch Drive to process 50 payments from your regular customers; your team also uses Invoices to receive a further 80 payments throughout the year, bringing you to a total of 130 activities. You will only be charged the extra activity fee for the last 30 payments, since the Bronze plan includes 100 free activities. Our plans all include free activities.