POS Company Name POS Software Name Date Accredited Primary Industry Integration Type Tipping Surcharging [email protected] [email protected]
Melhawk Computing / Magenta Retail Melhawk Positive for Windows v2.00 1-Nov-1999 Retail On Premise
GIO Building Society Limited GIO Receipt Application v3.01 1-Dec-1999 Insurance On Premise
Waterways Authority Waterways Authority v1.00 1-Mar-2000 Ticketing On Premise
Lowes Lowes v1.00 1-Jun-2000 Retail On Premise
Fujitsu Australia Limited Fujitsu PC-EFTPOS v1.0 1-Jul-2000 Retail On Premise
Whydah Solutions Whydah Solutions v1.00 1-Jul-2000 Retail On Premise
Koorong Books Pty Ltd Koorong PC-EFTPOS v1.0 1-Aug-2000 Retail On Premise
Woolworths Limited Woolworths PC-EFTPOS v1.0 1-Sep-2000 Retail On Premise
Sym-Pac Computing Sym-Pac for Windows 95/98 v7.60.13 13-Dec-2000 Retail On Premise
Music Management Systems Music Management Systems v2.5 20-Feb-2001 Retail On Premise
ReTech Global Retech Global WINPOST v1.0 18-Jun-2001 Hospitality On Premise
Lynx Business Systems (Australia) Lynx Checkmate v2.13 18-Jun-2001 Retail On Premise
Caps Hospitality Caps Hospitality v1.0 20-Jun-2001 Hospitality On Premise
Transacta Transacta v1.0 21-Jun-2001 Retail On Premise
Micros Fidelio Micros Fidelio v1.0 22-Jun-2001 Hospitality On Premise
EBS Pty Ltd EBS v1.0 25-Jun-2001 Hospitality On Premise
Fieldpine Fieldpine v1.0 3-Jul-2001 On Premise
Chimo Pty Ltd Chimo v1.0 5-Jul-2001 Retail On Premise
H&L Australia H&L v1.0 10-Jul-2001 Hospitality On Premise Yes
Palm Computing Australia Pty Ltd Palm Computing v1.0 18-Jul-2001 Retail On Premise
On Q Business Systems 20-Jul-2001 Retail On Premise
Esprit International Esprit v7.13a 9-Nov-2001 Retail On Premise
Idealpos Solutions Pty Ltd Idealpos / Ideal POS System 13-Nov-2001 Hospitality On Premise Yes Yes Yes
RedCat Pty Ltd RedCat v1.0 13-Nov-2001 Hospitality On Premise Yes Yes
RedCat Pty Ltd RedCat v1.0 13-Nov-2001 Hospitality Cloud Yes Yes
AMC Enterprises AMC Enterprises v1.1.2.4 7-Jan-2002 Retail On Premise
Reculver Technology Pty Ltd Reculver Technology GRL v3.4 9-Jan-2002 Government On Premise
Disc Australasia Disc Australasia v3.2.097 11-Feb-2002 Retail On Premise
TriniTEQ International (previously Palmtech Ltd) Palmteq v1.00 15-Feb-2002 Hospitality On Premise
Dynamic Retail Systems Dynamic Retail Systems v4.1.1.7 25-Feb-2002 Retail On Premise
Spitfire Technologies Spitfire Technology v1.00 26-Feb-2002 On Premise
Markinson Business Solutions Shopkeeper 12-Mar-2002 Retail On Premise Yes
Passenger Transport Board Passenger Transport Board v1.00 12-Mar-2002 Transport On Premise
Kemp & Denning Kemp & Denning v1.00 12-Mar-2002 Retail On Premise
Sterland Computing Sterland Computing v1.00 12-Mar-2002 Retail On Premise
Surefire Systems Pty Ltd Surefire Systems v1.00 12-Mar-2002 Retail On Premise
CSR CSR v1.00 12-Mar-2002 On Premise
Kudos Solutions Pty Ltd Kudos Solutions v1.00 20-Mar-2002 Retail On Premise
MBF MBF v1.00 20-Mar-2002 Health On Premise
Future Business Systems Future Business Systems v1.00 9-Apr-2002 Retail On Premise
Intouch Technology Intouch Technology v1.00 10-Apr-2002 Health On Premise
EDS Australia e-Drivers v1.00 20-May-2002 On Premise
Adelaide Business Software Adelaide business Software v1.18 22-May-2002 Retail On Premise Yes
FBS – Windows Future Business Systems Windows POS v1.0 17-Jun-2002 Retail On Premise
Profit Vision Retail Plus v2.07 & Profit Vision v2.07 12-Aug-2002 Retail On Premise
Suzanne Grae Pty Ltd Suzanne Grae v4.10 13-Aug-2002 Retail On Premise
Pure Commerce Pure Commerce v2.0 29-Aug-2002 Retail On Premise
Best & Less Best & Less v1.00 20-Sep-2002 Retail On Premise
Ted Holdings/Millenium Business Ted Holding v1.1 12-Nov-2002 On Premise
Advanced Retail Solutions Advanced Retail Technology v1.00 15-Nov-2002 Retail On Premise
Agopae Data Systems Agopae Data Systems v1.00 15-Nov-2002 Hospitality On Premise
ComputerLink Australia ComputerLink v1.00 15-Nov-2002 Retail On Premise
Creative Computing Creative Computing v1.00 15-Nov-2002 Retail On Premise
JDA Software Australia JDA Software v1.00 15-Nov-2002 Retail On Premise
Platypus Software Pty Ltd Platypus Software v7.00 18-Nov-2002 Retail On Premise
Metro Business Systems Metro Business Systems v1.00 19-Nov-2002 Retail On Premise
POS Solutions POS Solutions v1.00 19-Nov-2002 Retail On Premise Yes
SVI Retail SVI Retail v1.00 19-Nov-2002 Retail On Premise
Magenta Retail Magenta Retail v4.11.00 6-Dec-2002 Retail On Premise
ARTech Corporation Pty Ltd ARTech Corporation v1.00 14-Jan-2003 Hospitality On Premise
IBMS IBMS v8.0x & 9.0x 20-Jan-2003 Retail On Premise
Tower Systems Retailer v1.7L 21-Jan-2003 On Premise Yes
Independent Solutions (previously Scanning Systems) Scanning Systems Australia v1.0 5-Feb-2003 On Premise Yes
Centaman Systems Centaman Systems v7030 11-Feb-2003 Hospitality On Premise
SENPOS Point of Sale SENPOS Advantage 7-Mar-2003 Hospitality On Premise
Gap Solutions Gap Solutions v1.00 10-Apr-2003 Hospitality On Premise Yes
On Q - Cadmus Cadmus Proprietary / Win 95 v3.00 8-May-2003 Retail On Premise
My Student Account Centurion Software v2.5 20-May-2003 Hospitality On Premise
Allcom Australia Allcom Aust v5.30 17-Jun-2003 On Premise
Mountaintop Systems Mountaintop Systems PosPro v4.13 22-Jul-2003 Health On Premise
Syscap Retail Minder v6.1 12-Sep-2003 Retail On Premise
SuperCheap Auto SCARRPOS v8.7 30-Sep-2003 Retail On Premise
Platypus Software EzeReceipts v2 20-Oct-2003 Retail On Premise
Solemate Software Solemate Software v1.2 23-Oct-2003 On Premise
RACT / Alife Receptor v1.0.24.5 8-Dec-2003 Hospitality On Premise
FutureNet FutureNet v2.0.3 11-Dec-2003 Retail On Premise Yes Yes
Retail Management Computer Systems Retail Management Computer Systems v3.12 16-Dec-2003 Retail On Premise
Star Plus Technologies SPTPOS v1 28-Jan-2004 Retail On Premise
Cosmos LOTS LOT vL2.010 2-Feb-2004 Health On Premise
Pronto Software Pronto-xi POS v630.3 + 13-Feb-2004 Retail On Premise
Panacea IT Solutions Retail Pro v8.4/8.5 8-Apr-2004 Hospitality On Premise
Barcode Solutions e-bility v2.88 22-Apr-2004 Retail On Premise
Pacsoft Australia Pty Ltd Optemizer v2.0.195.20+ 11-May-2004 Retail On Premise
POS World EG Business Equipment t/as POSWorld vMP2100 24-Jun-2004 Retail On Premise
Megabus WA Megabus WA v0.30 21-Jul-2004 Retail On Premise
inPOS Pty Ltd inPOS v4.4.1.1 26-Jul-2004 Hospitality On Premise
Helecom SuperTouch POS v9.0 5-Oct-2004 Retail On Premise
Apparel 21 Bass Software v8.3 28-Oct-2004 Retail On Premise
Golden Key IMAS POS v1.3.5 24-Jan-2005 Retail On Premise
Elegant Computer Solutions ExpressLane POS v5.1 22-Feb-2005 Retail On Premise
Toshiba TEC Platinum POS v5.0.0.82 1-Apr-2005 Retail On Premise
Colorado Group Colorado Group POS v2.x 22-Apr-2005 Retail On Premise
Retail Directions Store Management System (SMS) v3.9.8.1 12-May-2005 Retail On Premise
Cashpoint Payment Solutions Pty Ltd (previously Retail Systems / Acecourt) MYPOS v1.0 (previously RSA PC-POS v2.2.6) 1-Jun-2005 Hospitality/Retail On Premise
TriniTEQ International (previously Palmtech Ltd) WaiterPOS v4.12+ 30-Aug-2005 Retail On Premise
Monitor Business Machines Express 13-Sep-2005 Retail On Premise
Precise Business Solutions Epicor POS v4.4 30-Sep-2005 Retail On Premise
POS 1 CES TS v8.0.14 13-Oct-2005 Retail On Premise
Future Retail Future Retail v4.1.17 27-Oct-2005 Retail On Premise
Bunnings Group Limited BPositive v12.2.4.27 27-Oct-2005 On Premise
Mayne Group Limited MINFOS v2.14 27-Oct-2005 Health On Premise
FAMAC Distributors Artsmagna v6.5.915 30-Nov-2005 Retail On Premise
Readysell Computer Solutions Readysell v6.2x 9-Dec-2005 Retail On Premise
RIVA Hospitality Solutions Aloha Table Service v5.2.4.80 10-Jan-2006 Hospitality On Premise
Microchannel Services Retail Tools RMS POS PC-EFT v1.0.20 11-Jan-2006 Retail On Premise
Ecco Software Pty Ltd mPOS v2.01 2-Feb-2006 Retail On Premise
Triquestra NZ Ltd Infinity Retail Management System v47/48 22-Feb-2006 Retail On Premise
CIBIS Pty Ltd Xpect v3.27 23-Feb-2006 Business On Premise
Quicken (Reckon POS) Quicken v9.0/ Quickfuel 3-Mar-2006 Retail On Premise Yes
Resort Technology Partners RTP/ONE v2005.8.1.x 15-Mar-2006 Hospitality On Premise
Zamels Jewellers Rapid v10.55d 16-Mar-2006 Retail On Premise
Moore Stephens MSTA Post Module v3.04 24-Mar-2006 Accounting On Premise
MYOB Australia MYOB Retail Manager v9.0 onwards 2-May-2006 Retail On Premise
IQ Works MenuMate v4.0 4-May-2006 Hospitality On Premise
IT System Pte Ltd 123 Sell POS v2.02.02 22-May-2006 Retail On Premise
Fred IT Group (Health & Retail) Microsoft Retail Management System v1.3.0206 5-Jun-2006 Retail On Premise
Custom Hospitality Systems Maitre'd vMD2005 SP3 HF3 9-Jun-2006 Hospitality On Premise
Micronet Systems Australia Micronet Point of Sale v2.6 16-Jun-2006 Retail On Premise
Osipos Software Pty Ltd Osipos v9.20 & 9.30 20-Jul-2006 Retail On Premise
Siriusware Inc. Sales Version v4.0 21-Aug-2006 Events On Premise
Silvergold Systems Encounter v4.0 22-Aug-2006 On Premise
Simple Retail Pty Ltd Penny Lane v2.0 26-Sep-2006 Pharmacy On Premise
Autosoft Pty Ltd Autosoft Turbo v4.0 26-Sep-2006 Retail On Premise
Partner IT POS Tickets v2.0 26-Sep-2006 Retail On Premise
Magenta Retail Enabler v4.36.00 26-Sep-2006 Retail On Premise
Merlin Software Pty Ltd Merlin POS v3.0 26-Sep-2006 Retail On Premise Yes
IT Visions Business Systems Australia Pty Ltd Grow v6.0.2480 18-Oct-2006 Retail On Premise
Cosmos Limited POS2000 v1.91a 20-Oct-2006 Health On Premise
Monitor Business Machines iPOS Retail Management System 7-Nov-2006 Retail On Premise
Oscar Software Solutions Oscar v2.01 9-Nov-2006 Hospitality On Premise
ICG Software Pty Ltd Front Retail v50xx 13-Nov-2006 Hospitality On Premise
Real Value Store Pty Ltd Real ValuePOS v1.0 15-Nov-2006 Retail On Premise
Steinhoff Asia Pacific / Freedom POS2 v6.00.10 8-Dec-2006 Retail On Premise
POS Master POS Master v2.5 v6.00.10 8-Dec-2006 Retail On Premise
Southside Computers MagicSub v4.02 14-Dec-2006 Retail On Premise
Computer Infobase System Dophiny v1.10 8-Jan-2007 Retail On Premise
Acumen Computer Systems Acumen v3.85 10-Jan-2007 Retail On Premise
ACR Business Systems Pty Ltd Hardware Shoptalk v1.0 13-Feb-2007 Retail On Premise
RMS Australia Dynamics / RMS v8.10 16-Feb-2007 Government On Premise
Unicard Systems Pty Ltd UNI.Loader v01.00.05 21-Feb-2007 ID Cards On Premise
Retail Business Integrators Sales Logic Solutions v1.0.039 30-Mar-2007 Retail On Premise
Newcastle Weighing Services Wasteman 2G WRU v2.25.0.0 2-Apr-2007 Weighbridge On Premise
Newcastle Weighing Services WSN Waste Receival Unit v1.25.0.0 2-Apr-2007 Weighbridge On Premise
Nortech Systems Ramsys v1.0 23-Apr-2007 Retail On Premise
Interacct Software IPOS v3.0.63 15-May-2007 Retail On Premise
SIM OZ POS with Pointcard for Grocery Store v1.0.0.7 28-Jun-2007 Retail On Premise
Infogenesis 5-Sep-2007 Hospitality On Premise
Enigma Solutions Espresso POS v2.3 18-Sep-2007 Retail On Premise
SIM OZ POS with Pointcard System v0.2.0.3 19-Sep-2007 Retail On Premise
POS Active Matrix Point of Sale v3.20 24-Sep-2007 Retail On Premise
Mercarex Microsoft Retail Management System v1.3 & 2.0 25-Sep-2007 Retail On Premise
Pharmacy Computer Solutions EzyPos v1.0.111 28-Sep-2007 Retail On Premise
EzyUse Business Solutions EzyUse Business Solutions v2.0.8.4 10-Oct-2007 On Premise
JEC International OPT.MAS POS v2.2 6-Nov-2007 Hospitality On Premise
Vandoe's Computer Systems Vandoe's SmartPos v2.02a 13-Nov-2007 Hospitality On Premise
Dataccount Computer BizFlex v0711 21-Nov-2007 Retail On Premise
Eastcoast Networks Options Accounting + POS v2007 21-Dec-2007 Retail On Premise
Foresiight Software ProfitPlus 24-Jan-2008 Retail On Premise
Positively Systems Pty Ltd Positively v12.89 19-Feb-2008 Retail On Premise
E-Ticket / VACC e-ticket v2.7 29-Feb-2008 Ticketing On Premise
Unisoft Pty Ltd The Business Edge v4.0 1-Apr-2008 On Premise
Spiced Software EFTPOS RMS v1.0 22-Apr-2008 On Premise
Tectura (Australia) Pty Ltd LS Retail NAV-Tectura v5.00 7-May-2008 Retail On Premise
W.W. Wedderburn Pty Ltd Elite POS v2.0 26-May-2008 Retail On Premise
Seams Systems Pty Ltd Seamspos v1.8.8 3-Jun-2008 Retail On Premise
Power POS Systems Pty Ltd / Powerlinx PowerTill v7.1 19-Jun-2008 Hospitality On Premise
Access POS Pty Ltd Retail Manager & New Manager v3.60 21-Jul-2008 Retail On Premise
General Pants Group Epicor Store v6.2.0 23-Jul-2008 Retail On Premise
Compusoft Australia Pty Ltd Compusoft PC-EFTPOS v1.0 25-Aug-2008 Retail On Premise
SwiftPOS Pty Ltd Swiftpos Touch 30-Sep-2008 Hospitality On Premise Yes Yes Yes
SwiftPOS Pty Ltd Swiftpos Touch 30-Sep-2008 Hospitality Cloud Yes Yes Yes
Sanyo Data Systems POS Magic Touch 30-Sep-2008 Hospitality On Premise
AW Retail Systems Pty Ltd SwiftTouch v1.2.115 24-Nov-2008 Hospitality On Premise
Advantage Solutions Pty Ltd Microsoft Retail Management System RMS 2.0 24-Nov-2008 Retail On Premise
E-Com Business Solutions E-Com POS v1.0 1-Dec-2008 Retail On Premise
Partech Inc. Infusion Software Suite vIT.3:50 27-Jan-2009 Hospitality On Premise
HirePos Pty Ltd HirePos v1.31.107 26-Feb-2009 Retail On Premise
Softsys Technology Management JRMS v5.10 27-Feb-2009 Retail On Premise
Belvoir Information Technology BelPos vC5 28-Apr-2009 Hospitality On Premise
Stamina Software Pty Ltd Visage v7.21 28-Apr-2009 On Premise
Monitor WA Pty Ltd SmartLoader v2.0 5-May-2009 Hospitality On Premise
AM Solutions / My Chemist / Corum Health Retail Manager (EPOS) v1.0.0.0 14-May-2009 Retail On Premise
Costco Wholesale Australia Pty Ltd Costco Australia SMA v2.0 15-May-2009 Retail On Premise
Sym-Pac Computing Sym-Pac for Windows XP 2002 20-May-2009 Retail On Premise
Exobiz Services Exobiz POS v1.030 26-May-2009 Retail On Premise
Ctel Pty Ltd Impulse Practice Management System v5.50 9-Jun-2009 Health On Premise
MedNetwork Systems Pty Ltd Impulse Practice Management System v5.50 9-Jun-2009 Health On Premise
Business Manager Software Advanced POS v4.1.0.1 2-Jul-2009 Hospitality On Premise
Sybiz Software Sybiz v1.00 3-Jul-2009 Retail On Premise
Fusion Transactive Ltd G5 Polaris POS / G5 Gemini POS v2.40 Build 7 16-Jul-2009 Retail On Premise
Myer Myer v1.00 27-Jul-2009 Retail On Premise
Clear Software Clear Retail v4.0 13-Aug-2009 Retail On Premise
Venue Solutions Venue Solutions v1.0 18-Aug-2009 Entertainment On Premise
AMC CIT Ingenico EFT with POS Portal v1.00 24-Aug-2009 Hospitality/Retail On Premise
Flower Power FPPOS v1.0 3-Sep-2009 Retail On Premise
POS Works Pty Ltd POS Works Retail Management System (PRMS) v1.0 8-Sep-2009 Pharmacy On Premise
NCR Hospitality (previously Quest Retail Technology) Quest Retail Technology v1.0 28-Sep-2009 Retail On Premise
Flower Power FPPOST v5.27 1-Oct-2009 Retail On Premise
RIVA Hospitality Solutions Aloha Table Service v6.4.11 9-Oct-2009 Hospitality On Premise
DataTools Pty Ltd DataTools POS v2.0 19-Oct-2009 On Premise
AusSoft Solutions Pty Ltd Cashlink v10.1 20-Oct-2009 Hospitality On Premise
Bepoz/Vectron Bepoz 22-Oct-2009 Hospitality On Premise Yes Yes
ivida Radiant Systems P400 & P1550 v6.2.9070 26-Oct-2009 Retail Cloud
HB International Pty Ltd HB International v1.0 13-Nov-2009 On Premise
Hospitality Information Systems HIS Interactive (Realtime Management) v5.0.37 23-Nov-2009 Hospitality On Premise
Retail Edge Consultants The Edge v4.4 9-Dec-2009 Retail On Premise
Ordermate Ordermate v2.7.12 11-Dec-2009 Hospitality On Premise
InfoCentral Solutions (previously Infobase Systems) InfoBase InfoPOS v2.4 11-Dec-2009 Retail On Premise
Aclas Pty Ltd ArmPOS v2.0 11-Jan-2010 Retail On Premise
Bevilles Bevilles v1.00 11-Jan-2010 Retail On Premise
Gladstone MRM (Australia) Pty Ltd Orbit Professional v1.4 19-Jan-2010 Fitness On Premise
CitiXsys Australia Pty Ltd iVend Retail v4.6.2 21-Jan-2010 Retail On Premise
Focal Point Technology MAJIK DRPOS v6.0 1-Feb-2010 On Premise
Imagatec Pty Ltd iPos/iCafe/iPizza/iWash vFeb2010+ 23-Feb-2010 Hospitality On Premise
Perfume Empire Pty Ltd Microsoft Retail Management System v1.3&2.0 23-Feb-2010 Retail On Premise
Onsite Technology OnSite POS for NetSuite v1.9.105 10-Mar-2010 Health On Premise
National POS Systems Pty Ltd natPOS v1.0.3613.0 15-Mar-2010 Retail On Premise
Acumen Computer Systems Acumen v3.95 23-Mar-2010 Retail On Premise
Carus Pbs Ltd Ab Carres Ferry Booking System vC2.60 24-Mar-2010 Hospitality On Premise
Gladstone MRM (Australia) Pty Ltd Plus2 v10 4-May-2010 Events On Premise
Aniluin Pty Ltd Point 3 v 9 & 10 11-May-2010 Hospitality/Retail On Premise
Land & Property Management Authority LPMA PC-EFTPOS v4.2.6.30 27-May-2010 Government On Premise
Yeahpoint Pty Ltd Yeahpoint v1.00 10-Jun-2010 Retail On Premise
StarrTec Pty Ltd StarPOS v1.00 25-Jun-2010 Hospitality On Premise
Unisoft Pty Ltd The Business Edge v4.0 1-Jul-2010 On Premise
Vista Entertainment Solutions Ltd Vista Point of Sale v4.00.507 6-Jul-2010 Entertainment On Premise
Aussoft Solutions Pty Ltd CashLink v13.1 2-Aug-2010 Hospitality On Premise
Happen Business Jin2 Business Engine v3.01 23-Aug-2010 Retail On Premise
Department of Territory & Municipal Services Rego.ACT v10.4 25-Aug-2010 Government On Premise
PBSA PBSA POS v2.2.14.0 15-Sep-2010 Retail On Premise
RX One (previously HealthSoft Australia Ltd) Pharmacy Pro v2010.10.0602 7-Oct-2010 Pharmacy On Premise
Deliverit Software Pty Ltd DPOS v1.80.0 19-Oct-2010 Hospitality On Premise
Emirates Computers Visual POS Master v2.2.x 26-Nov-2010 Retail On Premise
Protrace Solutions Prompt U iPOS v1.4 9-Dec-2010 Retail On Premise
Synergy Computer Technology APOS v2.30.01 13-Jan-2011 On Premise
Today Software Pty Ltd POSperfect v4.0 13-Jan-2011 Hospitality On Premise
Nirvana Intelligent Systems Ltd / Nisyst NPOS Enterprise Edition v6.0 14-Jan-2011 Retail On Premise
Mascolo Support Services Salongenius v11.1 1-Feb-2011 Retail On Premise
Coyote Software Pty Ltd Coyote POS v2.0 7-Mar-2011 Retail On Premise
Marvyn Entertainments Pty Ltd TSCR for The Cheesecake Shop v5.7 11-Mar-2011 Hospitality On Premise
Fedelta Point of Sale Fedelta v3.7.3 24-Mar-2011 Hospitality On Premise
Micros Fidelio Micros 9700 v3.2 31-Mar-2011 Hospitality On Premise
Tectura (Australia) Pty Ltd LS Retail v1.00 4-Apr-2011 Retail On Premise
Baseplan Software Pty Ltd Baseplan v1.9 13-Apr-2011 Rental Management On Premise
InfoMining Pty Ltd BookMine v10 13-Apr-2011 Retail On Premise
MBL Retail Solutions MerlinPOS v0.0.5.17 2-May-2011 Retail On Premise
Clear Objective Ltd Clear Enterprise v2.11.3 1-Jun-2011 Retail On Premise
Finchcorp Systems iCell v1.1.0.552 8-Jun-2011 Hospitality On Premise
Austral Dynamics Austral Dynamics PC-EFTPOS v1.0 10-Jun-2011 Retail On Premise
Neotechnology Business Systems Amicus v6.xx & v6.07 15-Jun-2011 Hospitality On Premise
UniLink Data Systems Onestop v1.0.65.889 16-Jun-2011 Retail On Premise
UniLink Data Systems BookNet v2011.1.0414 11-Jul-2011 Education On Premise
Suntech Enterprise Pty Ltd POSCAM v2.8.3 15-Jul-2011 Hospitality/Retail On Premise
The Bicycle Entrepreneur FusionPOS v2.08 9-Aug-2011 Retail On Premise
Univex Electronics Pty Ltd Univex i-POS v2.7 9-Aug-2011 Retail On Premise
Readysell Computer Solutions Readysell Point of Sale v8.0 19-Aug-2011 Retail On Premise
NetBookings Pty Ltd nbPOS v5.7 8-Sep-2011 Hospitality On Premise
Imagatec Pty Ltd iPOS / iCAFE / iPIZZA / iWASH v2010 19-Sep-2011 Hospitality On Premise
Intelli-Data Solutions Pty Ltd Connect v1.0 19-Sep-2011 On Premise
Generate Group Pty Ltd Generate7 v7.0 21-Sep-2011 Hospitality On Premise
Pixen Pty Ltd Beacon v2.5.1.X 11-Oct-2011 Retail On Premise
Help Us Pty Ltd BOSSII v1.0 24-Oct-2011 On Premise
Cornell-Mayo Associates Opus Millenium v3.26a 24-Oct-2011 Retail On Premise
Tender Centre Pty Ltd CUTCMIS v1.0 8-Nov-2011 Retail On Premise
Logic 1 Systems Pty Ltd POS1 v 1.20 2-Dec-2011 Retail On Premise
TBS Software Pty Ltd TBS Cleverplus v2011.11.30 2-Dec-2011 On Premise
Sanyo Data Systems Sancom SQL v1.5.158 1-Jan-2012 Hospitality On Premise
Ontempo NZ Ltd Ontempo Store v1.2.0.0 5-Jan-2012 Retail On Premise
Red61 Limited Via v4.1 20-Jan-2012 Ticketing On Premise
Task Retail Technology Xchange Point v2.0.201.20131 27-Feb-2012 Hospitality On Premise
Willie Creek Pearls Pearl2 v2.200 20-Mar-2012 Retail On Premise
Intelligent POS (I-POS) Digital Data Assist v4.0 4-Apr-2012 Hospitality On Premise
Links Modular Solutions Links Modular Solutions v9.70 10-Apr-2012 Health On Premise
Clubware (Division of Debitsuccess) Clubware 2.0 v2.4.5 16-Apr-2012 Health On Premise
Swarovski International (Australia) Pty Ltd Micros Xstore v13 23-Apr-2012 Retail On Premise
Circle Software Ltd Circle POS v119 17-May-2012 Retail On Premise
Medianara MNPOS v3.0 25-May-2012 Hospitality On Premise
City Beach Australia CB.POS.EXE v2.0.69.1 1-Jun-2012 Retail On Premise
Rivers Australia RivPOS v2.0.41 7-Jun-2012 Retail On Premise
Harvey Norman POSVO v27.06 4-Jul-2012 Retail On Premise
Technology One Enterprise Cash Receipting (ECR) v4.01.04.001 6-Aug-2012 Local government On Premise
Embed International Pty Ltd Embed PG v0100 10-Aug-2012 Hospitality/Retail On Premise
NCR ETRANS v9.01.01 13-Aug-2012 Hospitality On Premise
White Label Software Pty Ltd White Label POS 15-Aug-2012 Hospitality On Premise
Business Smarter Software Bsmarter POS v2.0 17-Aug-2012 Retail On Premise
FE Technologies Pty Ltd Loanstation v2.4 20-Aug-2012 Libraries On Premise
Unique Micro Design SkyBus TBPOS v2.x 13-Sep-2012 Ticketing On Premise
CAP Software CAP Software POS v8 19-Sep-2012 Retail On Premise
Bluefrog POS Bluefrog POS v7.2.24 12-Oct-2012 Retail On Premise
Ultrahawke Pty Ltd ULTRAPOS v1.0.1 15-Oct-2012 Weighbridge On Premise
Regality Software Pty Ltd Positive Live v6 17-Oct-2012 On Premise
CPIAM Pty Ltd SellIT v2.0.6 23-Oct-2012 Pharmacy On Premise
Kart 2000 International SVL / Kingston Park Raceway Kart 2000 Paydesk 30-Oct-2012 Hospitality/Retail On Premise
AWS / Aussie Weighbridge Systems AWS Weighing Management Systems v4.0B1 5-Nov-2012 Weighbridge On Premise
Peerless Software Pty Ltd PEERPOS v1.0.0.2238 15-Nov-2012 Retail On Premise
Marketstall Australia Pty Ltd EDGEPOS v2.8.4 29-Nov-2012 Retail On Premise
Qdos Technology QDOS Point of Sale v9.5.12.0 7-Dec-2012 Retail On Premise
Point of Sale Inc ERPLY v2.0 17-Jan-2013 Retail On Premise
HansaWorld Australia Pty Ltd Enterprise v7.0 18-Jan-2013 Retail On Premise
NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS v7.1 23-Jan-2013 Retail On Premise
Ticketek Pty Ltd Aspect v2.10 5-Feb-2013 On Premise
Existco Plant Control Systems POS v1.2 7-Feb-2013 Retail On Premise
Abercrombie & Fitch IPOS v6. 18-Feb-2013 Retail On Premise
Ironbark Software Ironbark Point of Sale v1.00 19-Feb-2013 Retail On Premise
Menumate Limited Menumate v5.10 15-Mar-2013 Hospitality On Premise
GV Custom Software Oke's POS v2.2 18-Mar-2013 Retail On Premise
ESD / Poswise Poswise v9+ 26-Mar-2013 Retail On Premise
Krunchy Kebabs Pty Ltd KK Kiosk v1.0 28-Mar-2013 Hospitality On Premise
Comsense Datasystems of Australia Comsense Point-of-Sale v7.0 2-Apr-2013 Health On Premise
Proteus Corporation Pty Ltd PRO*POS v8.0 18-Apr-2013 Hospitality On Premise
ECNESOFT Pty Ltd eTakeaway v1.20.0.0 3-May-2013 Hospitality On Premise
Caljo Solutions Pty Ltd CBPos v1.0a 7-May-2013 On Premise
NCR Aloha v6.7 13-May-2013 Hospitality On Premise
TLC Systems Australia Pty Ltd / One Till Pty Ltd POS Point v6.207 5-Jun-2013 Retail On Premise
Sage Pastel Evolution v7.00 2-Jul-2013 Accounting On Premise
Retail IQ Ltd vIQing EFT Link for Retail Pro v1.0 17-Jul-2013 Retail On Premise
Shift 8 Pty Ltd Drone v2.0.5.5 29-Jul-2013 Hospitality On Premise
ClickPOS Pty Ltd ClickPOS v1.0 6-Aug-2013 Retail On Premise
C9 Software C9 v4.378 16-Sep-2013 Retail On Premise
Wincor Nixdorf AB TP.net v3.5.3.2500 21-Oct-2013 Retail On Premise
Semnox Solutions Private Limited Parafait POS v1.4.0.5 13-Nov-2013 Events On Premise
Future POS Inc. Future Fusion POS v5.0 26-Nov-2013 Hospitality On Premise
Zupajo Learning Systems ZPOS v1.6 26-Nov-2013 Retail On Premise
Retail Integration Meridian EPOS v6 17-Dec-2013 Retail On Premise
Shopfront Shopfront 1-Jan-2014 Retail On Premise
Dick Smith PosPlus v1.0 7-Jan-2014 Retail On Premise
Red Technology LAPPOS v1.0 21-Jan-2014 On Premise
Wincor Nixdorf AB TP.Net v4.5 28-Jan-2014 Retail On Premise
Z Software Pty Ltd Z POS v1.0 5-Feb-2014 Pharmacy On Premise
Retail Solutions RS-Touch v14.1.29 11-Feb-2014 Hospitality On Premise
Kooyoo Technology Pty Ltd t/as Codemaster Systems POSWORX v1.00 14-Feb-2014 Hospitality On Premise
OscarPOS Software Solutions OscarPOS v2.5.6 25-Feb-2014 Hospitality On Premise
BHGLS Pty Ltd Bluize v3.9.12 18-Mar-2014 Retail On Premise
e10 Solutions Pty Ltd e10 POS vFOS-v.021b 18-Mar-2014 On Premise
Megabus Pty Ltd Marlin GTX v3.4.1 19-Mar-2014 Retail On Premise
Neotechnology SprintPOS v6.07 21-Mar-2014 Retail On Premise
Micros-Fidelio Australia Pty Ltd Simphony v2.6 GR 26-Mar-2014 Hospitality On Premise
Civica Pty Ltd Authority v6.8 10-Apr-2014 Government On Premise
NCR Corporation NCR Cinema POS v7.6.2194 14-Apr-2014 Hospitality On Premise
Sony Australia Sony POS v2.7 23-Apr-2014 On Premise
SnowCORE PosCORE v1.00 21-May-2014 Hospitality On Premise
NeoPOS NeoPOS v5.28 23-May-2014 Retail On Premise
Kudos Solutions Ltd Counter Intelligence - Serve v4.4.6 30-May-2014 Retail On Premise
Retail Solutions Pty Ltd Retail POS Advantage v02.02 2-Jun-2014 Hospitality On Premise
Vista Entertainment Solutions Ltd Veezi POS v44.2.40401.2 3-Jun-2014 Entertainment On Premise
TCPOS SA TCPOS.Net v4.00 24-Jul-2014 Retail On Premise
North Industries Pty Ltd Chess Retail POS v27A 29-Jul-2014 Retail On Premise
Intelligent Retail Connect v5.21 6-Aug-2014 Retail On Premise
QBD The Bookshop QPOS v1.0.78.1 6-Aug-2014 Retail On Premise
Intercard Inc. iteller v5.1.1.1 20-Aug-2014 Hospitality On Premise
KCC Computer Consulting CS-12 v1.0 4-Sep-2014 On Premise
Automotive Brands Group Pty Ltd Global vAB11.13 9-Sep-2014 Retail On Premise
Ultimate Business Systems Eclipse v1195 16-Sep-2014 Retail On Premise
Enterprise Intelligence Systems Openbravo Commerce v3.0RR14Q3 7-Oct-2014 On Premise
Qvisual Logiq v6.0.5 7-Oct-2014 Health On Premise
DailyPOS DailyPOS v14.9.10.20 7-Oct-2014 Hospitality On Premise
Pacsoft Australia Pty Ltd iOptPOS v1.0 7-Nov-2014 Retail On Premise
Fred IT Group Fred IT Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail v6.3.164 1-Dec-2014 Retail On Premise
Gap Solutions ezi-scale v2.3.36.0 16-Dec-2014 Retail On Premise Yes
Retail Realm Pvt. Limited Retail Realm Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail v6.3.1000.309 8-Jan-2015 Retail On Premise
Markinson Business Solutions Momentum Pro v7.0 8-Jan-2015 Retail On Premise
Clubware Clubware v3.1.0.350 14-Jan-2015 Health On Premise
Gap Solutions eziPos v 3-Feb-2015 Retail On Premise Yes
Impos Solutions International Pty Ltd Impos Front Office v4.28.1.0 3-Feb-2015 Retail On Premise
Netnest MS Retail Management System v2.0.13 3-Feb-2015 Retail On Premise
Open Systems Technology Pty Ltd Open Systems Tech Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail v6.2.158.0 3-Feb-2015 Retail On Premise
Microchannel Services MicroChannel Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail v6.3.0.1 10-Feb-2015 Retail On Premise
iWEIGH Solutions Pty Ltd iWEIGH v4.00 23-Feb-2015 Weighbridge On Premise
IKEA - Cebas Pty Ltd MBS Navision v2009 26-Feb-2015 Retail On Premise
SASSCO Australia Pty Ltd SASSCO POS v2.0.8 26-Feb-2015 Hospitality On Premise
Vix Technology VIX POS v3.3.0000.vss 6-Mar-2015 Transport On Premise
ARZPOS ARZPOS v3.240 17-Mar-2015 Weighbridge On Premise
Streamlined Solutions Pty Ltd JustOnline v1.0 24-Mar-2015 Retail On Premise
Kestral Computing Phoenix v 1.0 20-Apr-2015 Health On Premise
Dena Services Pty Ltd POS Master v2.4.68 20-Apr-2015 On Premise
ICAD Retail Systems Pty Ltd SwingPOS v0515 21-Apr-2015 Retail On Premise
Revel Australia Pty Ltd (Existing Integrations Only) Revel Systems v2.0.1525 (Existing Integrations Only) 19-May-2015 Hospitality On Premise
Oracle Simphony v2.7 22-May-2015 Hospitality On Premise
Partech Inc. PixelPoint v12.2 10-Jun-2015 Hospitality On Premise
All Cash Register Requirements Grace POS v3.00 10-Jun-2015 Retail On Premise
KLB Systems Pty Ltd PI Electronique v MA00TEN0 11-Jun-2015 Retail On Premise
My Baby Warehouse / Arora International Logical POS v1.0.0 30-Jun-2015 On Premise
Link Technologies LinkPOS v7.4 17-Jul-2015 Retail On Premise
Advanced Automotive Data Services MTS by AADS v8.12 21-Jul-2015 Retail On Premise
Raymark Mosaic v2.7 4-Aug-2015 Retail On Premise
MRP Retail Australia MRP POS v8.0.6.8 12-Aug-2015 Retail On Premise
Nimbus EFTPOS Nimbus EFTPOS One v1.0.2 27-Aug-2015 Retail On Premise
POSWAY Pty Ltd POSWAY v1.5.4 31-Aug-2015 Hospitality On Premise
Kreative Technology Pty Ltd Kreative Konvenience v1.9.71 7-Sep-2015 Hospitality On Premise
Semkiw Pty Ltd Mango POS v15.30 10-Sep-2015 Hospitality On Premise
365 Technology Group / Pawnit Systems Pty Ltd Pawnit 365 v 15-Sep-2015 Retail On Premise
Think Software Pty Ltd Business Management Software v2.88 23-Sep-2015 Hospitality On Premise
Triumph Business Systems Triumph ERP v6.0 8-Oct-2015 Retail On Premise
NCR Australia DNC Kiosk v1.00 5-Nov-2015 Hospitality On Premise
Cin7 Cin7 POS v2.0 19-Nov-2015 Retail On Premise
Medibank Private Ltd TSX_CNU23591 v7.0 4-Dec-2015 Health On Premise
Retail Technology Services Pty Ltd OliPOS v1.5 5-Jan-2016 Retail On Premise
Omni Systems Pty Ltd OmniPOS, iOmniPOS v1.07.13 15-Jan-2016 Retail On Premise
Retail Express Retail Express v2.1.9 29-Jan-2016 Retail On Premise
Exobiz Services Symphony v16.0201.01 1-Feb-2016 Retail On Premise
Oracle Simphony First Edition v1.6 18-Feb-2016 Hospitality On Premise
Wolfstrike Distributors Wolfstrike Retail v2.821 25-Feb-2016 Retail On Premise
Computer Magic Till v4.0.036 4-Mar-2016 Hospitality On Premise
VTicket Pty Ltd Galaxy v6.2.10031 4-Mar-2016 Ticketing On Premise
W & W Business Solutions Pty Ltd BASXPOS v2.0.25 9-Mar-2016 Retail On Premise
QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro v2016 15-Apr-2016 Hospitality On Premise
Futura Retail Solution Pty Ltd Futura4POS v40.18 18-Apr-2016 Retail On Premise
Between The Flags Pty Ltd VM Instock v1.0.1.44 22-Apr-2016 Retail On Premise
Technology Solutions Group Pty Ltd Mealpass RT v5.3 29-Apr-2016 On Premise
Kingsley's Chicken Pty Ltd Kingsley's Instore Management v1.0 2-May-2016 Retail On Premise
Kestral Computing Karisma v3.0 31-May-2016 Health On Premise
Retail Realm Pvt. Limited Retail Moderm POS [Ax 2012] v CU10 15-Jun-2016 Retail On Premise
Mandalay Technologies Pty Ltd MandalayCS v3.4.0.39 28-Jun-2016 Weighbridge On Premise
Esprit (Retail) Pty Ltd Esprit POS System v0.20B 19-Jul-2016 Retail On Premise
Retail Realm Pvt. Limited Retail Management Hero POS v3.0.2.0 28-Jul-2016 Retail On Premise
Group Zara Australia ITXPOS v3542.3345.36.1 17-Aug-2016 Retail On Premise
Great Earth Pty Ltd Odoo v9.0 6-Sep-2016 On Premise
Intech Software Limited Shopcounter v8.2 8-Sep-2016 Retail On Premise
ERP WERX LS Retail - Navision v9.00.06.222 6-Oct-2016 Retail On Premise
Amadeus Property Management - PM PRO v10.2.130 14-Oct-2016 Hospitality On Premise
K POS Pty Ltd Partner_Pro 2 v 3.0 18-Oct-2016 Hospitality On Premise
Pharmhos Software Pty Ltd MerlinMAP POS v1.3 20-Oct-2016 Retail On Premise
Jonas Leisure Centaman Leisure 1-Jul-2010 Health On Premise
W. W. Wedderburn Pty Ltd Atria POS v0.1.0 24-Oct-2016 Retail On Premise
POSSKI Pty Ltd Abacus v2.5.23 28-Oct-2016 Hospitality On Premise
Monitor WA Pty Ltd TotalControl Lite (tcLite) v1.0.5.0 10-Nov-2016 Hospitality On Premise
Monitor WA Pty Ltd Smartloader v3.0.0.0 10-Nov-2016 Hospitality On Premise
S60 Platform Services Pty Ltd Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service v15 10-Nov-2016 Retail On Premise
NothingButPOS NothingButPOS Pro v1.1.0.0 17-Nov-2016 Hospitality On Premise
Infotel Pty Ltd Infotel v2.16 17-Nov-2016 Retail On Premise
InfoPOS Australia Pty Ltd InfoPOS v2.0 29-Nov-2016 Retail On Premise
Technohost Pty Ltd Opal POS v2.0 29-Nov-2016 Hospitality On Premise
Jensen Data Systems JensenPOS v1.00 19-Dec-2016 Hospitality On Premise
Retail Realm Pvt. Limited Modern POS AX7 v1.1.0.0 21-Dec-2016 Retail On Premise
Platypus Software Pty Ltd posCentral v7.0 1-Feb-2017 Retail On Premise
Everyware Caterlord POS v2.0.4 7-Feb-2017 Hospitality On Premise
EFTPOS Warehouse XCR v05.16 6-Mar-2017 Reseller On Premise
ITERA Limited Posera v 1.0.0 20-Mar-2017 Hospitality On Premise
Accent Software Insyte v16.4.2.0 20-Mar-2017 Retail On Premise
Cider House ICT Pty Ltd CHSVET v5.0 30-Mar-2017 Veterinary On Premise
Ai-Menu Systems Ai-Menu v3.10.30 11-Apr-2017 Retail On Premise
Lenards Pty Ltd LPOS v17.2.10.1044 31-May-2017 Retail On Premise
Evopos Pty Ltd Evopos v2.09 23-Jun-2017 Retail On Premise
Uniwell POS Australia Pty Ltd Uniwell HX Series v3.00 26-Jun-2017 Hospitality On Premise
Starfleet Business Solutions Starfleet Point of Sale v10.9.1 10-Jul-2017 Hospitality On Premise
Givex Australia Vexilor v16.2.1 20-Oct-2016 Hospitality Cloud
Intercard Inc. iCashier v1.1.0.0 11-Aug-2017 Hospitality On Premise
Frabpos Systems FrabPOS v3.7 20-Aug-2017 Hospitality On Premise
Striven Striven v2017.5.1 22-Aug-2017 Retail On Premise
Abacus Solution Pty Ltd Abacus v2.5.52 8-Sep-2017 Hospitality On Premise
Biscount Software Biscount v10.2835 15-Sep-2017 Hospitality On Premise
Newcastle Weighing Services ClearWeigh v2.0 21-Sep-2017 Weighbridge On Premise
Jack Roe (CS) Ltd Jacro PosPay v1.0 31-Oct-2017 On Premise
Decathlon Openbravo WebPOS v170.2 23-Nov-2017 Retail On Premise
ITNT Group Pty Ltd Retail Therapy / ITNT POS v1918 30-Nov-2017 Retail On Premise
Ezy Systems Pty Ltd EzyWine POS v2017.02.02 20-Dec-2017 Accounting On Premise
Casio Casio V-R200 / V-R7000 v4.01 24-Jan-2018 Hospitality On Premise
SaaSplications SaaSplications v1.00 1-Feb-2018 On Premise
Winxis SRL WXS-AU v1.07 9-Feb-2018 Hospitality On Premise
POS Republic Pty Ltd POS Republic WebPOS v1.0 2-Mar-2018 Retail On Premise
POS Republic Pty Ltd Self Order Kiosk v1.0 2-Mar-2018 Hospitality On Premise
United Engineering & Software Pty Ltd UENS Metal Recycling Sofware v 1.0 2-Mar-2018 Weighbridge On Premise
Ezy Systems Pty Ltd EzyAccounts v2017.02.02 15-Mar-2018 Retail On Premise
Austech Weighing (Aust) Pty Ltd MAXPOS v1.8.4.2 26-Apr-2018 Weighbridge On Premise
Retail Edge System Pty Ltd Retail Edge Systems v5.0.0.1 3-May-2018 Hospitality On Premise
JBS Hospitality Events Pty Ltd Posorbis v1.0 25-May-2018 Hospitality On Premise
Hitachi Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Dynamics 365 Retail by Hitachi v8.1 12-Jun-2018 Retail On Premise
Roller Digital Roller v1.4.411.0 13-Jun-2018 Hospitality On Premise
Oracle Australia XStore v5.5 28-Jul-2017 Retail Cloud
YZM Pty Ltd Spiral POS v2.2.7 2-Aug-2018 Retail On Premise
SAP Australia Pty Ltd Elevate POS v1.00 31-Aug-2018 Retail On Premise
Codemaster Systems Pty Ltd Codemaster Retail v 4.1.4 31-Aug-2018 Retail On Premise
Fingermark Autom8 v1.13.0 4-Oct-2018 Hospitality/Retail On Premise
Brunswick Bowling Products Sync v3.0 12-Oct-2018 Retail On Premise
Tabsquare Tabsquare v1.00 29-Oct-2018 Hospitality On Premise
True Cloud Solutions TCS POS for Netsuite v1.00 30-Oct-2018 Retail On Premise
ZeusPOS ZeusPOS v5.00 30-Oct-2018 Retail On Premise
Till Payments Till-Pro v1.00 1-Nov-2018 Ticketing On Premise
Shiji Group Australia Infrasys v1.2.15.1 26-Jun-2018 Hospitality Cloud
MSL Solutions POS A3 v1.0 5-Dec-2018 Hospitality On Premise
Cloudsolve SA Pty Ltd PosZAP v1.0 5-Dec-2018 Hospitality Cloud
Engagis Pty Ltd Eze Orda v0.4.6 17-Dec-2018 On Premise
Exset Holdings ty Ltd MiPOS v1.00 20-Mar-2019 Hospitality On Premise
Abacus Solution Pty Ltd Abacus v2.5.23 3-Apr-2019 Hospitality On Premise
Wsoft Pty Ltd WPOS v3.3.3.0 13-Dec-2018 Hospitality Cloud
Revolution Software Services Revolution v8.0 3-Apr-2019 Retail Cloud
Stratco (Australia) Pty Ltd xStore POS (Oracle) v17.0.2 16-Apr-2019 Retail On Premise
TriniTEQ International Pty Ltd Power EPOS v2019.4 30-Apr-2019 Hospitality On Premise
Woo Ecommerce Inc WooPOS v19.05 7-May-2019 Retail On Premise
SeaLink Travel Group QuickTravel 1.0 9-Apr-2019 Ticketing Cloud
Ria Financial Services FxOnline v4.36 8-May-2019 Financial Services On Premise
Intraday Pty Ltd t/as GloPosNet GloPosNet v1.0.0.0 8-May-2019 Hospitality/Retail On Premise
App Gallery Pty Ltd WeFroth v1.0 7-May-2019 Cloud
Skoop! Inc Skoop! Kiosk v1.0 10-May-2019 Hospitality Cloud
Concrete Recyclers (Group) Pty Ltd CRG POS v14 14-May-2019 Retail Cloud
systems package iaspos Retail v1.0.0.1 24-May-2019 Retail On Premise
Revolution Software Services Revolution Software v9.00 24-May-2019 Retail On Premise
Northstar Technologies NS v6.2 31-May-2019 On Premise
Victorian Land Registry Services Victorian Online Titles System (VOTS) v8.06.23 12-Jun-2019 Realestate On Premise
Global Retail Technology Ltd (Nobly POS) Nobly v6.19 21-May-2019 Hospitality Cloud
Epitome Software Pty Ltd Gary v r7510 14-Jun-2019 Retail On Premise
Microchannel Services MicroChannel Microsoft Dynamics NAV v2015-2018 17-Jun-2019 Retail On Premise
Visionaries VisiPOS v18.12 4-Jul-2019 Retail On Premise
SRNA Software Pty Ltd SRNA POS v1.0 14-Jun-2019 Cloud
Custom Hospitality Systems HioPOS Cloud v1.84.1.0 4-Jul-2019 Hospitality Cloud
Sybiz Software Sybiz Vision v19.00 18-Jul-2019 Retail On Premise
Futura Retail Solution Pty Ltd Futura4POS v4.1.0.3 8-Jul-2019 Retail Cloud
Sper Co Ltd Orderette v10.0.24 30-Jul-2019 On Premise
GuestPoint Motelier Pty Ltd GuestPoint v8.0.1.12 5-Aug-2019 Accommodation On Premise
SAX Technologies Pty Ltd SAXPOS v02.01.09 5-Aug-2019 On Premise
Epos Plus DIGIPOS v2.0.0.2 20-Aug-2019 On Premise
SchoolShopOnline schoolshoponline.v1.00 30-Jul-2019 Cloud
Omni Systems Pty Ltd OmniPOS v1.0 25-Sep-2019 Retail Cloud
Infor Infor M3 v10 4-Oct-2019 Hospitality On Premise
Touchdata iios v 1.0.1 2-Oct-2019 Retail Cloud
Beautiful Designs & Consulting BDC Self-Checkout System v1.0 4-Nov-2019 Retail On Premise
Sri Enterprise Software Pty Ltd Sri POS v6.1 1-Nov-2019 Cloud
Vend Vend 11-Nov-2019 Retail Cloud
Beyond Bouldering Beyond Bouldering v1.00 19-Dec-2019 Hospitality On Premise
Control Pty Ltd Point -N-Sell v3.44 19-Dec-2019 On Premise
United Engineering & Software Pty Ltd UENS uWeigh Software - Allstone v5.05 19-Dec-2019 Weighbridge On Premise
Intercard Inc. iTellerPlus v1.0.1.0 19-Dec-2019 Hospitality On Premise
Hospitality Professional POS Systems Pty Ltd Hospitality Professional POS v1.01 20-Jan-2020 Retail On Premise
Sacoa Cashless DCS POS v2, v3 20-Jan-2020 Retail On Premise
Rapid UI Rapid POS v2.0 22-Jan-2020 Retail On Premise
Retainoo Dev Retainoo v123 23-Jan-2020 Retail On Premise
Windward Software Windward System Five 5-Feb-2020 Retail On Premise
Amway Of Australia Hybats 5-Feb-2020 Retail On Premise
Tower Systems International (Aust) Pty Ltd Tower Systems International (Aust) Pty Ltd v2.7.3.2 (Cloud) 18-Dec-2019 Retail Cloud Yes
Club Speed POS1 11-Feb-2020 Hospitality/Retail On Premise
Ivida Smart Technologies Pty Ltd Taptouch 1.2.0 11-Feb-2020 Retail On Premise
Surefire Software Surefire POS 13-Mar-2020 Retail On Premise
Infusion Business Software Ltd Infusion 8.519 (and above) 13-Mar-2020 Retail On Premise
PharmHos MerlinMap 1.0 11-Feb-2020 Retail Cloud
Metric Business Systems MetricsPOS 1.0.0 (TCPIP) 13-Mar-2020 Retail On Premise
Futura Retail Solutions Pty Ltd FuturERS 3.34A 13-Mar-2020 Retail Cloud
Metric Business Systems MetricsPOS 1.0.0 9-Apr-2020 Hospitality Cloud
SmartQ - Bottle Lab Technologies Pvt Ltd SmartQ POS 9-Apr-2020 Retail Cloud
YQueue Australia Pty Ltd Kinesis Kiosk 2.4.0 18-May-2020 Retail On Premise
One Channel North America Inc 1 Retail 8-Jul-2020 Retail On Premise
Abacus Solutions Pty Ltd Abacus 2.8.14 18-May-2020 Hospitality Cloud
Till/Aden N/A 30-Jun-2020 Retail Cloud
GOC Retail Cegid Retail Y2 26-Nov-2020 Retail On Premise
BSG Australia PCI PC-EFTPOS 1.0.0 30-Jun-2020 Retail Cloud
Intelligenz Pty Ltd IntelliManager 4.0 15-Jul-2020 Retail Cloud
Envisage Software Solutions Envisage POS for Aidacare 1.90 6-Dec-2020 Professional Services On Premise
WH Smith Australia Micros BE / Torex BE 5.24 6-Dec-2020 Retail On Premise
Amore Pacific Australia Pty Ltd Innisfree ClientPOS 2020.6.3.2 6-Dec-2020 Retail On Premise
GPK Group Pty Ltd Merlin POS v2 10-Dec-2020 Retail On Premise Yes
Advance IT Limited Kappture 10-Aug-2020 Retail Cloud
Hike POS Pty Ltd Hike POS 30-Oct-2020 Retail Cloud
Arch Retail Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd Arch Retail Solutions 3-Dec-2020 Retail Cloud Yes
Evodian Evodian payment integration 6-Mar-2021 On Premise
TryBooking TryBooking Box Office 4-Dec-2020 Retail Cloud
CHSPOS HIOPOS 17-Dec-2020 Hospitality Cloud Yes
ZIITECH Pty Ltd ZiiPOS 10-May-2021 Hospitality On Premise Yes Yes
ZIITECH Pty Ltd ZiiPOS 17-Dec-2020 Hospitality Cloud Yes Yes
ZIITECH Pty Ltd ZiiKiosk 22-Feb-2021 Hospitality Cloud Yes Yes
ElitePOS ElitePOS 12-May-2021 On Premise
Heritage IT Pty Ltd Retail Pro (v8, v9 & Prism) 12-May-2021 On Premise
Melbourne Twilight & Beverage Pty Ltd CafeButler 24-Feb-2021 Cloud
LS Retail LS Pay 2.24.1 6-Mar-2021 Cloud Yes Yes
H&L Australia Exceed 10-Mar-2021 Hospitality Cloud Yes Yes Yes
Lanstar Information Technology Redglass Business Solution 23-Mar-2021 Cloud
MEDIANARA TABLETIOUS Version 4 29-Mar-2021 Cloud
Ripcurl Microsoft Dynamics 365 20-May-2021 On Premise
Clubspeed, LLC Clubspeed 20-May-2021 Cloud
Jonas Leisure Envibe 20-Apr-2015 Health On Premise
DealerSoft Pty Ltd DS Advance 21-Jan-2021 On Premise
Alpen Enterprises Ascent 6-Apr-2021 Cloud Yes Yes
Next Order Pty Ltd Next Order Point of Sale 16-Apr-2021 Hospitality Cloud
Aeltek Easy RESTO 23-Feb-2021 Hospitality On Premise Yes Yes
POS Republic Pty Ltd POS Republic - Self Ordering Kiosk v2.0 23-Mar-2021 Hospitality On Premise Yes
Ahern Australia Ahern POS 20-Apr-2021 Cloud
PLE Computers Pty Ltd ChiefPosServer 21-Apr-2021 Cloud
Liverton Limited SmartCheck 25-Mar-2021 On Premise
AM-Win Software Pty Ltd AMWIN POS 26-Mar-2020 Retail On Premise
Probus Technocraft Pty Ltd Resico 29-Apr-2021 Cloud
ZIITECH Pty Ltd ZiiKiosk 14-May-2021 Hospitality On Premise Yes Yes
Imagatec Pty Ltd iPOS 17-May-2021 Cloud Yes Yes
Intrac Australia Pty Limited Intrac 10-Jun-2021 Cloud
Havi Technology Pty Ltd Odoo 11-Jun-2021 Cloud
Agilysys InfoGenesis 4.5.2 15-Jun-2021 Retail On Premise Yes
Multiz Corp Pty Ltd QonUS Business 29-Jun-2021 Cloud
Card Access Services CASPOS 7-Jan-2021 On Premise
ClickPOS Pty Ltd ClickPOS v7.2.318 7-May-2021 On Premise
Software For Automation Pos4me V1.01 7-May-2021 On Premise
Oikawa Restaurant Specialist Pty Ltd RiekiPOS 9-Jul-2021 Hospitality Cloud
Fred IT Group Pty Ltd Retail Management Hero 12-Jul-2021 On Premise
Agilysys InfoGenesis 19-Jul-2021 Retail Cloud Yes
GuestPoint GuestPoint 29-Jul-2021 Accommodation Cloud
Ambition Services PTY LTD AmbiPOS 4-Aug-2021 On Premise
Scene To Believe SKYePOS 5-Aug-2021 Cloud
Arch Retail Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd Arch Retail Solutions 6-Sep-2021 Retail On Premise Yes Yes
H&L Australia Exceed 10-Mar-2021 Hospitality On Premise Yes Yes Yes
Fujitsu Australia Limited FANZ SkyBus POS Linkly Integration 13-Sep-2021 On Premise
DIHO PTY LTD SWOT POS 16-Sep-2021 On Premise
Jonas Leisure Gladstone Plus2 1-Jan-2010 Health On Premise
Surefire Software Pty Ltd Surefire Android POS 15-Oct-2021 Retail Cloud
Micronet Systems Australia HARMONiQ 20-Oct-2021 Retail Cloud
Histopath Diagnostic Specialists Histopath Airport Kiosk Application 25-Oct-2021 Cloud
GK Software Transaction Plus 27-Oct-2021 On Premise
Fujitsu America GlobalSTORE + (GK Software) Transaction Plus 27-Oct-2021 On Premise
Cignall Pty Ltd Cignall Scan 28-Oct-2021 Retail On Premise
OrbisTech Limited Orbis POS 28-Oct-2021 On Premise
StarrTec Solutions StarrPOS v3.8.187 9-Nov-2021 Hospitality On Premise Yes Yes Yes
Help Us Pty Ltd BOSSII v21.1110 11-Nov-2021 Cloud Yes Yes
Arcad Technology Pty Ltd X2/Framework 21-Dec-2021 On Premise
Arcad Technology Pty Ltd X2/Framework 21-Dec-2021 Cloud
Shiji Group Infrasys Cloud POS 22-Dec-2021 Cloud
Your IT and Tech Mates AI SmartPOS 20-Jan-2022 Cloud

Acquirer Cloud Surcharging Tipping Pay @ Table
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