General FAQs

Linkly is the new name for PC-EFTPOS. For over 20 years our company has been Australia’s leading supplier of payment integration solutions.

We changed our name for a range of reasons.  Through a new strategic partnership and major capital investment, we set out to reinvigorate and evolve PC-EFTPOS to meet our customer and future business needs. To best signal this, we created a new brand for our business – one that sets our business apart in the payment landscape. Combined with our brand values, Linkly is a contemporary and innovative business with a focus on the future. It’s fresh, confident, and dynamically connects people, payments and POS.

It enables continuous innovation in our payment integration technology and the delivery of value-added services to our clients. It also means we are growing the team with a focus on collaboration.  In partnership we’re here to add value to your business, product and services:

  • we’re focused on enabling your strategy and enhancing merchant outcomes
  • we’re developing more tailored customer payment solutions to industry verticals
  • we’re enhancing help desk support

We are driven by a goal to build close working partnerships with our clients, who include merchant acquirers, merchants and POS vendors. Through our experience, we aim to add value to every aspect of payment integration.

You can email the Help Desk or call +61 2 9998 9800.

Monday – Friday8:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday & Public Holidays10:00am – 3:00pm
CLOSEDChristmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and ANZAC day.

Linkly’s middleware enables 85% of Australia’s integrated payments market and processes over 2 billion transactions annually, making us Australia’s most experienced transaction processor.

Linkly’s clients include a wide range of clients. From major retailers, such as Woolworths, David Jones, Myer, Bunnings and JB Hi-Fi, through to local corner stores.

Through close collaborations our solutions support every aspect of payment integration and are designed to increase operational efficiency and enhance end-customer experiences.

We are renowned for our rock-solid middleware applications that connect Point of Sale (POS) systems, payment terminals and banking platforms. Over the years our capabilities have grown and evolved, and we now offer a wide range of implementation tools and support services.

Our applications reside besides core banking systems and our solutions comply with all PCI-PED security requirements and PIN cryptography standards. Linkly does not have access to cardholder details, PINs, or any other sensitive information as defined by the PCI organisation.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards govern the credit card security standards for all entities that handle card data. The PCI Security Standards Council website contains more information.

Yes, Linkly is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

Our Transaction Data Service (TDS) gathers transactional, system, product and operational data through our payment gateway. This data can be presented to clients through tailored reporting that increases transaction visibility across all payment channels.

As an end-to-end solutions provider, we can help with every aspect of your payment integration. From advice and initial planning, right through to on-going management and system optimisation.

Please email [email protected] to discuss how we can help support integration and payment experience solutions for your business.

Linkly is accountable to the RATER model, which is built on five key principles: reliability, assurance, tangibility, empathy and responsiveness.

For complex deployments or bespoke solutions, our clients receive a plan that defines specific timeframes, milestones and resources. Projects are supported by an Australia-based working group that provides account management, architecture design, development and implementation.

Our core industry verticals include Retail, Hospitality and Hotel Management, and we continue to innovate with solutions that support payments, commerce experiences and value-added services for Fuel, Medical and Financial Services.

Currently Linkly operates in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt.

Linkly works with all the major Australian banks.

Linkly has been providing payments services for over 20 years to some of Australia’s largest organisations.

Linkly In-Store FAQs

Our clients have direct access to our App Hub that speeds up the implementation of exciting new payment options such as mobile payment platforms, gift cards, loyalty programs, customer ratings and buy-now-pay-later platforms.

The Linkly App Hub allows alternative payment options and commercial systems to be created in around 4-6 weeks—fully tested and ready for deployment.

Our solutions are compatible with more than 500 POS applications. We continue to engage with POS communities to maintain Australia’s most comprehensive catalogue of certified POS systems. See our full list of accredited POS Vendors here.

Linkly Cloud Connect is a secure environment that hosts our proven integration applications. It allows clients to integrate multiple wireless terminals with a single POS system in the cloud and removes the need for manual software installations and hardwire connections.

Linkly offers you a whole range of integration interfaces that can help with solution implementation. These include Cloud REST API, Active X and TCPIP interfaces that are compatible with all major Operating Systems, including Windows, Linux, Android and IOS. You can access our API's here.

The Linkly Risk Management Framework (RMF) follows ISO 31000 standards. Our transactions processing servers are located in two geographically separate data centres, and we utilise the resources of the world-leading Microsoft Azure cloud.

Linkly Online FAQs

This depends on your banking arrangements. If your Acquirer is the same bank where you have your bank account, then you would be paid for your transactions the following day. Linkly does not delay settlement. A transaction typically takes 2-5 seconds to process, depending on Internet connection.

No, Linkly provides off-the-shelf solutions that do not require an integration or technical implementation. An API is available for merchants looking to automate and integrate Linkly to their environment

You can start taking payments instantly as soon as you sign up.

We provide payment services for following cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Diners Club

We can also process bank account payments.

We provide simple and easy pricing structures on our Linkly Online page.

Linkly works with all the major Australian banks.

Linkly provides payment solutions to over 35,000 business of all sizes across all industries. The range and flexibility of the MerchantSuite platform allows us to provide a complete solution to any business from small online retailers all way through to Government and Enterprise businesses.

This depends on your banking arrangements. If your Acquirer is the same bank where you have your bank account, then you would be paid for your transactions the following day. Linkly does not delay settlement. A transaction typically takes 2-5 seconds to process, depending on Internet connection.

CVN stands for card verification number. On a Mastercard, Visa or Diners card, the CVN is the 3 digits found on the back of the card. For American Express cards, the CVN is the 4 digits found on the front of the card.

Yes, Payment Terminal supports CVN. Validating the CVN is recommended to reduce the number of fraudulent transactions. Other industry terms for CVN are CVC, CVC2. CVN is a required field for when a card holder makes a payment on the Linkly Payment Page.

Yes, simply enable Payment Terminal receipt emails in Messaging and enter the email address as part of your Payment Terminal processing.

A settlement report is available from the MySuite Portal the next morning. The total amount reported is the amount that will be settled to your settlement account.

Settlement is performed by your bank and/or your Charge Card Company. Linkly does not delay settlement.

The MySuite Portal provides the ability to search for the original payment and refund it. As the refund is matched to the original payment, you do not need the full card details to perform the refund.

Yes, partial refunds are supported.

Yes, simply enable Payment Page receipt emails in Messaging and if your customer enters their email address, the receipt will be emailed to them.

Transactions typically take 2-5 seconds to process. Speeds may vary depending on your internet connection.

All transactions process through your Linkly service will be immediately visible in the MySuite Portal. Simply login and navigate to Search Payments to view and search for your transactions.

Yes, simply enable Batch File receipt emails in Messaging and a payment receipt will be emailed to your customer if you include the email address within the batch file.

An activity is a payment processed, SMS sent or Secure Form submission using your Linkly products. All of our plans include free activities.

Extra activity fees are only applied when you have used up all of your free activities and process more e.g. your business is on the Bronze plan and uses the Secure Batch Drive to process 50 payments from your regular customers; your team also uses Invoices to receive a further 80 payments throughout the year, bringing you to a total of 130 activities. You will only be charged the extra activity fee for the last 30 payments, since the Bronze plan includes 100 free activities. Our plans all include free activities.